What is the Tapestri App?

Tapestri App Review

Product name: Tapestri

Price: Free

website: www.tapestri.io

Overall rank: ?/10

Products Overview

Tapestri hangs out in the background on your phone, collects your data and pays you for it. You get extra points for “checking in” to destinations you have arrived at like gas stations, etc. There are options for extra points to collect by taking any surveys offered or playing certian games through their platform for a ceritan period of time.

The Good and the Bad


  1. easy collection of points by having it constantly running in the background on its own.
  2. Games and surveys availbel to collect points faster
  3. some games have higher payouts to per minute. example: some say use for 1 min, get 3 points, some say use for 5 mins, get 20 points. The game options change all the time.


  1. Battery life is shorter with this running in the background.
  2. some may find teh data collection an invasion of privacy.
  3. *****Personal opnion of payout still pending for me, have yet to experience****

Who is the Product For?

Anyone with a phone or tablet and does not mind an app constantly running in the background and collecting data from you. Only payout option is through a gift card in their program. I don’t have a lot to say on this yet. But anybody can get paid without even lifting a finger with just having an app running in the background.

My Research on the Product

Free to just download, use and get paid for data and gameplaying.

Some sources online say Tapestri automatically pays you $25.00 each month…. I dont see this. This is most likely on their affilaite program only. We will see in May 🙂

Offers an affiliate program, costs $10 a month to join, most other programs are free.

My Opinion

It starts out as an app that makes me feel like I may be wasting my time along with my battery life, so it took me a while to feel it out.

PAYOUT Method (see left pic)

You must have atleast $10 accumultated in the “Current” box by the 1st of the month, then this gets moved to pending. By the End of March, I had accumulated $13.97 and it has been sitting in the “Pending” box the entire month of April, while my April accumulation started over in the “Current” box. Showing me to be at $15.36 for April. I’m waiting to see what May 1st Brings me.

At A Glance

Product name: Tapestri

website: www.tapestri.io
Referral Link: 

Price: free

Overall rank: ?/10

Verdict: **Not a scam if it pays out in May**

Thank you for Reading! Sincerely, NicolleK, admin. Stayingmom.com

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