What Does Baby Need? Great picks for a baby shower

What do you get for a baby shower?

It’s always baby shower season and there are always new thoughts and products to what every parent needs, but truthfully, there are only a few MUST HAVES that all us mothers can agree on. The rest are just accessories that may make things easier or add to an aesthetic fancy. Don’t get me wrong, those fancy things are nice and would have been nice. But truthfully, we really just need the basics.

What items are a Necessity?
Really, that question depends on the household. On one end of the spectrum, there are some families that live pretty minimally and only require the basics for baby, but then the other end of the spectrum is getting every accessory, toy and tool out there. There are many ways to care for baby.

Non-Expensive Necessities

Not counting the obvious diapers and wipes, here is a list of necessities all households with a baby need, no matter which end of the baby care spectrum the family falls on. It is by far not the “I have everything I need” list, but it is a good starting list.

  • Frida Baby Nasal Aspirator. Have you ever seen a congested baby that hasn’t yet grown the knowledge or ability to clean its own passageways? It’s frustrating as Mom to experience it with her own baby, that’s for sure. I had never realized how great this thing would have been until my poor little baby was congested with no way to move all that mucus. This is an easy way for Mom or any provider to help baby be comfortable and breath.
  • Synrroe Muslin Burp Cloths. An absolute must have for every occasion. You need these at home, in the car, at an event. All caregivers of Baby need this. Burp cloths need to be around for all occasions rather it is cleaning up the surprise mess, or using clean ones to cover some cold skin. There are many uses to pick from. You could ask any Mom out there, and more often than not, the mom you ask will say “Get some, you will thank me later.”
  • Regalo Easy Step Wide Walk thru Baby Gate. Every house has places baby shouldn’t be when he or she gets crawling. Bathroom, laundry room, kitchen. Block those dangerous steps! Maybe you need to keep baby in what ever room it is you are.
  • Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack. A backpack type of diaper bag offers two straps, one for each shoulder for even distribution of weight on the body so you’re not hurting those already sore shoulders. On top of that, its just easier to organize inside it. If Mom is like me with sore shoulders and a need for organization, this style is way better.

    Makes things easier for Mom

    There are so many things that are not necessities, but are very convenient. Here are but a few ideas I would like to offer point out

    • MomCozy Baby Wrap Carrier. This is a cozy “wrap” way of carrying the baby hands free that is much more comfortable to mom and baby. Instead of a hard stitched carrier that can pinch and dig into the body, this offers smooth, soft curves that snuggle the baby right into you and keep baby close while Mom rests her arms or goes about her day.
    • Baby Camera with Audio and two-way talk. Baby is sleeping or playing in a pen while Mom is away doing dishes, taking out trash? Or maybe she spotted an opportunity for something quick outside, like tending her garden. This is something Mom would really appreciate if she was far from her sleeping baby. Mom has stuff to do, but needs to know her baby is fine and needs that opportunity for assurance while also feeling like she can be productive.
    • Portable Diaper Changing Pad While not a complete necessity for some, if you are out and about a lot, it just might be one. Either way, the portable changing pad is a great way to make sure Mom has a clean, soft place to change Baby’s diaper. I remember times i had to use my sweatshirt or coat because that was the best option i had based on where i was. If that’s not something the Mom you know would do, a portable station is probably the best direction to go.
    • Hiphop Panda Bamboo Hooded towel. Towels themselves are necessity, yes. But these ones are specific to Baby and have a hood. The hood is the best and really helps with those cold little heads before they are dried off completely. To top it off, cute little hooded heads with animal ears is always adorable no matter who you are talking to.

    Can it be more affordable?

    The more provided at a baby shower, the more affordable you are making it for parents. Preparing for a baby, especially a first baby can be very expensive. New parents are learning and not prepared. They don’t completely understand what they need beyond diapers, wipes and clothes. Baby showers help a lot, so this is the best time to provide for the new learning parents. You might provide based on your own experiences or you might be providing based off a baby registry… either the way, the help is always appreciated.

    There are always sales you can find, garage sales and second hand shops to get things at. Be careful what you find at second hand shops as you really need to make sure you are providing something safe for the new baby and used items are not always best options. Clothes are usually very safe, as thrift stores sift through their donations and put out their best, but depending on the looks, I might question a mattress for a baby crib… or the quality of baby swing I see. These are just a few things to consider.

    Truly, there isn’t any an easy way to make having Baby cheap and easily affordable, but a good support system of family, friends and financial planning can make the difference.


    These are all very good products with different uses and there are many things out there. This list is very short compared to the real world list. The question is if it is something that will fit for Mom AND Baby? It’s not what you like, but what they need. Be considerate of any situations. Being Mom can be tough and rewarding all at the same time, be the connection and support. Sometimes support is just helping through the baby shower.

    Don’t forget to consider Mom may even need things for herself as she may forget about her own self care for a time. Don’t forget to remind her about herself whether you are the friend, parent, significant other or sibling. Mom needs some help. The question was “What do you get for a baby shower?” The answer is: SUPPORT.

    Support through the baby shower, love and time. Money is nice to, but respect the boundaries. Be the family or friend. You may also be supporting the significant other, or you are the significant other giving support. Support is what is the best help you can give.

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