It’s Mother’s Time To Shine This Month

It’s already May 2023, can you beleive it?

 This winter was crazy with all its snow, but now it is rewarding us with 70 degree weather in May way up in Minnesota. That’s crazy! As the months come along, the first great parental achiever to be recognized is Mom. Mother. Grandma. Aunt. And all those unlisted mother figures that should be standing proud of their year well done of 2022 achivements. 

The achievements may seem small to some, but to many of us, every achievement is huge. Mom, you supported your kids and significant other, through all the goods and bads and kept your precious family going. Depending on your role in the household. 

Some of us are the bread winners:

  THANK YOU, for keeping it coming to keep your family going. You are amazing, even if you have to be away. Everyone loves you! We know you miss your family when you are away and they miss you. Your not alone. If you want out of that style, there are options to look into. If you are in need of ideas, do the research. Look into online ventures Affiliate Marketing, Copywriting, etc.

My family is beautiful and they are my world and as the years pass i keep feeling like I’m mssing time. I am new to affiliate marketing, but if you are intested, check out some links below and learn.

Some of us are the homemakers: 

THANK YOU for organizing meals, bed time, keeping the house as put together as you can. Being a Stay at Home Mom is a full time job all on its own. It can be hard as your social life may be smaller at this point as you are the one the keeps everything in perfect order at home with limited adult interaction. You may even feel like you do not do enough. But, the truth is, you do! Stay at Home Moms such as your selves are still amazing and your work is recognized. Don’t forget to think of your self and make time. You needs are important too.

If you really need to treat yourself, THIS LINK, will bring you to Amazon and give you some well deserved ideas.

To the fellow Moms doing both:

 THANK YOU! It’s hard, but you are amazing! It may seem like your falling behind, but the truth is your family is still there and moving forward thanks to you! You work full time or part time and still find a way to plan those meals, clean that house. You are so great! No one can rival what you can accomplish as that driven Mother. 

There is so much on your plate! You need to set aside something for your self. Make sure you have something that is just yours. Like a Hobby. 

Some Ideas: Reading, Gardening, take a class. Pick a desiganted time a few times a month to go out with your significant other or friends. Change up the wardrobe and go to the salon for a new look. You are important, too! If you need some quick ideas, I have here links for Gardening Ideas and an Online Reading idea for anyone to check out.

Mother’s do something for yourself this Mothers day!

 I am sure you will have someone on board to push you along to do something for yourself. Maybe you even have that romantic someone who will surpise you. Good for you, not everyone has that. Treasure it! For those with a little less direct support, remember you are amazing and you prove it everyday. Us fellow mothers have your back. For a little extra support, check out some facebook groups that may have something you need. Sometimes they just supply companionship, sometimes more:

    Want to do something for the Mom in your life?

    I do have some pretty awesome ideas. Here are a few links:

    To Summarize….

    You, Mom, are amazing! Powerful! Smart! Beautiful! And all equal or better descriptions that can be added on is you. Don’t forget it and Happy Mothers Day. You deserve it.

    As always, I appreciate you all of you for joining my on my blog, checking out links and just overall listening. If you wanna check out any ideas on Pinterest that I have created or shared from other creators, Join me on me on my personal page at:

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    Thank You Always, NicolleK, admin,

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