What Does Baby Need? Great picks for a baby shower

What do you get for a baby shower? It’s always baby shower season and there are always new thoughts and products to what every parent needs, but truthfully, there are only a few MUST HAVES that all us mothers can agree on. The rest are just accessories that may make things easier or add to … Read more

Personalized Shopping: Tina’s List

    Hello, I am Nicolle             I am an Amazon Associate (I am an Affiliate Marketer through Amazon). I can create links specialized for any person to any product or page Amazon has to offer. If you like an item and make a purchase through the link I have created, … Read more

It’s Mother’s Time To Shine This Month

It’s already May 2023, can you beleive it?  This winter was crazy with all its snow, but now it is rewarding us with 70 degree weather in May way up in Minnesota. That’s crazy! As the months come along, the first great parental achiever to be recognized is Mom. Mother. Grandma. Aunt. And all those … Read more

How to Earn Money Online

There are many options out there to earning money online, and they are in no way limited. The options online range from mere pennies to full time remote jobs. It all depends on what you are looking for. Do you want a short term freelance job? Are you looking for an app that allows you … Read more

What is the Tapestri App?

Tapestri App Review Product name: Tapestri Price: Free website: www.tapestri.io Overall rank: ?/10 Products Overview Tapestri hangs out in the background on your phone, collects your data and pays you for it. You get extra points for “checking in” to destinations you have arrived at like gas stations, etc. There are options for extra points to collect … Read more

Fetch App Review

Is the Fetch App worth it? Product name: Fetch Rewards website: https://fetch.com Overall rank: 8/10 Products Overview Fetch is a receipt scanning App that allows you to get points for up to 35 receipts in a 7-day period. There is no limitation to the type of receipts. They all get 25 points equally unless they … Read more

My WA Journal- March/April

3/2 Researching my target audience. Joining Mom groups, reading responses to posts. They seem similar to me with slight differences. It starting to look like my focus is almost more for already stay at home moms (SAHM). Since that is my ulitmate goal for myself. Researching some other Affiliate programs. Looked into Walmart, they take … Read more

My Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name:  Wealthy Affiliate Website:  https//:www.WealthyAffiliate.com Price: Starter Membership- Free, Premium Membership- $49/mo, Premium+ Membership- $99/mo Founders: Kyle and Carson Training Quality: 9/10 Research Tools: 9/10 Mentorship/Support: 10/10  Websites Included: YES  WordPress Hosting: Yes Free Test Drive: YES, no credit card required  Click here to see for yourself! Overall Rank: 9/10 How Wealthy Affiliate Works Through my journey in Wealthy Affiliate, … Read more