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Hey Hey,

My name is NIcolle K. Welcome to my first website, Just Stay Mom. I am very excited to get this up and running and tell you all about it.

Why Did I Start This Website?

To start off, I would like to tell you all a little about myself and why I created this website.

One, I am a Mother of two energetic children. One boy (Eli), one girl (Jade). Five and seven years old, respectively. These two are very active and always ready to learn, asking questions and keeping busy. The energy never fails! I am also happily married to my favorite man of ten years now. We are a full house that are always counting the days to go and have the next family outing. And this really do feel like they are few and far between.

Two, my husband and I work 45+ hour jobs out of the house. As time passes, the wish to have more time with the family grows. More time for extra-curricular school activities as the kids get older, time for a hobby or two, time without extreme exhaustion and overworked body pains that come with aging. But how does a family do this without taking a huge income hit? They say money doesn’t bring you happiness, yet you still need it to survive. So what better idea is there than finding an income that doesn’t take you away from home 5 days a week? Or an income that doesn’t hurt your back, and neck and feet? An income that allows you the time and energy to not only care about your own self but put more focus on your family? Or maybe you need a side income to help fund a future purchase or help dig you out of a hole. An income that you don’t rely on, but you’re getting a little bit of extra for some side fun.

Just Stay Mom is gonna have these ideas and options and I am going to start with things I have tried personally. There are things out there I see other posts talk about that might require more work than you have time for or expected. Or maybe it isn’t as easy as you thought, or just a plain old scam. This page will give ideas that have been tried and proven.

Why Help Other Moms?

The question that poses is “Why do I want to help?” or “Why do I care?” I want to help because this is something I wish had been more available and taught to me earlier on in my life. Even before mom life, these kinds of opportunities would have been nice. Unfortunately, this isn’t even information my parents were aware was available. Hell, when I was growing up, Dial Up was the internet option. And if you are of the generation to remember this, you either learned to be very patient or you decided computers were NOT your thing.

Well, guess what? Technology is much more advanced now and the options out there are vast! I not only want to help current/newer moms, but I want to help those grandparents that had little options, but now have grandchildren to love. I want to help pet moms that don’t want to constantly leave their furry family members home to their own devices, potentially enduring weather or a lonely kennel. I want to help those moms that have children that need extra focus, but instead need to leave them with a provider all week, or an overused grandparent.

What is Mom? The term Mom is not just a name a child would call one of their parents, it is a title. Mom is not always a woman, it is a person playing a mothering role. Mom is not always the caretaker of the home, but a breadwinner. Mom is sometimes not an only parent, sometimes Mom is. Mom is so much more than a person that needs to be psychologically available for their family. Mom is many things.

Just Stay Mom can be helpful to all walks of Mom Life.

The Ultimate Goal

So, summing it up, there is a goal at hand to share and get the information out there. To help improve quality of life. To help with bills. To help mom’s out there accomplish things they feel like they can only consider, but not have the energy to time to try.

Yes, I am focusing on mom’s, but this doesn’t need to be so narrow as only be considering mothers of some children. There are all kinds of moms out there. Someone could be actively participating in a mom role with non-biological children or even non-children. Mom’s of furry babies. All walks of Mom Life. But, this information is really open to anyone.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out the best way I can.

All the best,



Contact me at: nicolle@stayingmom.com

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