How to Earn Money Online

There are many options out there to earning money online, and they are in no way limited. The options online range from mere pennies to full time remote jobs. It all depends on what you are looking for. Do you want a short term freelance job? Are you looking for an app that allows you to collect points by playing games? Or something larger that might take all your personal time? In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the answer and this is something that can be a broad money making job that can range from needing little of your energy or you choose to put a lot in, depending on your needs.

Promote a Business or Multiple

What is affiliate marketing? It is just promoting a business and helping that company get sales. Then you make a commission on the sale. How do you promote a business online? It helps to have a little bit of knowledge, of course, and access to the internet. And there are many ways to promote: post on social media platforms, promote on your own website, have email connections you can send promotions to. You need the access to people to promote to.

Think of how easy it can be. You might have a website or a blog forum you already post to. Pick a product you have a passion for and talk about it. Say you are more into a specific baby product. Talk about it! What are your experiences with it? Sign up for one of the many affiliate programs out there and they will give you your own personalized link to put onto your post. If you draw in interested buyers, they will click that link and it will bring them right to the product. If that customer buys it through your link, then you get a commission of that purchase. Easy and so little work, especially if you already have platforms to work with.

Businesses that want to hire you:

Amazon, Tapestri, clickbank, Walmart, etc. The list goes on and on. Just click on one of these links, it will bring you right to their affiliate program where you can go over each one. This is a real job and it is commission based.

Can I Do This From Home?

Yes, moms work from home all the time. But you need the knowledge. What if posting on social media is something you are new to? Maybe affiliate marketing is completely new as well? No problem! Businesses out there have affiliate programs that teach anyone how to become a successful affiliate marketer. They want you because a successful you helps them grow their business, and in turn you get knowledge and a commission for your work. You just need a computer or laptop to be able to do this from home, and internet access is a must.

Are there free affiliate programs for beginners? To a point. Remember, the whole purpose of a business is to make money. But, you also need to remind yourself that the business wants you to succeed. And learning to become an affiliate is also learning how to become an online business owner in the long run. A program I personally chose is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is my personal starting point in all of this. They are teaching me to promote through training courses and continued classes I can choose from. I have even started to journal my WA experiences on my web page they helped me create on Feel free to read my journaling to see how it has worked for me so far, links below.

  1. My WA Journal- The Startup January through February
  2. My WA Journal- March/ April
  3. My WA Journal- May (coming soon)

My learning is beginning with marketing through WA through before I expand my reaches to other companies. This way, I can feel like I am not wasting my time. Like all other moms, I need to be sure of my choice. So far, I have created a review on my experience so far with Wealthy Affiliate, click here to read it.

What Can They Teach Me If I Already Have a Website or Substantial Social Media Platforms?

How to bring in the customers. You may be able to make some sales, but you need to be able to catch the attention of people who are specifically searching for the product you are selling.

Make a Facebook Page/Group. I created a Facebook group directly correlating to my website, called Just Stay Mom. I made it an open group, invited all the people I know and began with promoting the reviews I posted on my website. My plan is to use this Facebook group to grow my website on a personal level, but it also will be serving as a way bring mothers/ parents together to help gather helpful information and ideas for finding that extra income or finding ways to work from home.

Click the links to read the side hustle reviews:

Make a Pinterest Page specific to the Niche. Here you will be able to not only post your blog, but also create links for your Affiliate jobs. Pinterest is a huge place people go to find particular ideas and is a great place to post advertisement. This is my next step and will update this blog when I do.

Conclusion- The Opportunities Are Countless

So, as you have learned today, there are countless companies that want you to promote their product.

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