Upside App Review

Product name: Upside


Price: free

Overall rank: 8/10

Products Overview

The Upside app has a few name variations: Get upside App, Upside Gas App. But they all mean the same thing. The Upside App is something I have been personally using. And I would like to share my experiences with it. I will touch on some good and bad parts of the app, Who is the product for, my research, my opinion and then a verdict at the very end. This is my Upside App Review.

The Good and the Bad

  • Good stuff:
    • 1. Does not require vital information to grow your cashback.
    • 2. Multiple options for cashing out, does not need to be a specified gift card.
    • 3. A growing business open to suggestions.
  • Bad stuff:
    • 1. Limited Business Options.
    • 2. Restaurants and Grocery options limited to the Suburbs. (currently)
    • 3. Cash back per purchase is affected if also using a rewards program giving you a discount.

2. Who is the Product For?

I wanna say this is geared around anyone that can drive legally, so that would be 16 plus. But there is a bonus! The App is not localized for only gas, so anyone person with a phone, the app downloaded and money to make purchases can get use of this app. It would make an easy initial income for those getting introduced into the work force.

Almost anyone can use it. In the year I have had it, I have cashed out $50, and that’s with only cashing on one referral ($11 bonus) and forgetting about the app for a period of time. And it was so easy to cash out when I did. I see the real value in the Upside gas App and it is very user-friendly.

Where Can I Get Cashback?

Grocery shopping options are harder to come by since I live in a rural area. Coborns has a fluctuating range of 6% to 11% cashback on up to $15 that I have seen. Looking into it, since the Updisde App is available in 40 states, other grocery stores participating are as seen in the picture:

Dine in restaurants are also an option. While the only fast food I have witnessed near me has been Arby’s a good 50 miles from my home, I also find sit in Diners that are not full franchises, but more like Mom and Pop restaurants. I haven’t tried these yet as none of them are my normal venue.

Gas options have a much wider range. My favorite is Casey’s, since I can triple hit this one. I use my Casey’s rewards every purchase that racks up free points to very discounted gas, and scanning a Casey’s receipt on my Fetch Rewards app is also a favored business. On top of Casey’s, Holiday gas stations are huge, as well as Speedway and BP.

How Does It Work?

It is SO EASY! The App. Requires a name and email address, and it also requests the first 4 and last 4 digits of the card that is going to be associated to the purchases. The reason for this is to be able to match the purchase you are claiming to a card on file to make sure this is a legitimate purchase you yourself made. To make the first cash back purchase, go on the home page where all nearby offers are available, choose the offer and it will give you 4 hours to claim the purchase has been made. Depending on the purchase, it may ask for a picture of the purchase receipt, and it may not. From there, you your History will say “processing for that purchase for about two days before you see what you made from that purchase.

My Opinion

Is the Upside app legit? YES

I have cashed out more than once now, and it is super easy. If I put mire time into this app, I could be a lucrative thing. While this is something everyone is free to enter in on their own by either downloading the Upside App in the play store, or going to, there is also an $11 bonus when you make your first purchase with my promo code seen below. Yes, I would benefit from this, but its not in any way a requirement. Just an added bonus. I want to spread the word of this great App!

Think of this as more knowledge to the benefits of the Upside App and use it to your advantage!

At A Glance

Product name: Upside


Price: free

Overall rank: 8/10, with wish to tank higher the more I use it and try other things to compare it too.

Verdict: DOWNLOAD IT! It’s worth

Thanks for reading, NicolleK, admin;

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