Personalized Shopping: Tina’s List

    Hello, I am Nicolle             I am an Amazon Associate (I am an Affiliate Marketer through Amazon). I can create links specialized for any person to any product or page Amazon has to offer. If you like an item and make a purchase through the link I have created, I make a commission with no extra cost to the purchaser. My friend, Tina, has created a list for me so I can make her links to items to purchases she makes regularly. Thank you Tina, you are amazing! here is your list along with some items others may be interested in. Please feel free to browse and anyone can reach out to me for any requests i would be happy to make or any questions.

Tina’s List:

  1. Vitafusion Women’s Multivitamin Gummies.
  2. Earthwise, Deluxe Collapsable Reusable Shopping Box, Grocery Set
  3. Multipets, Latex, Globlet Pig, Dog Toy
  4. Indeestructable, Squeeky Dog Ball
  5. Coffee Mate, Coffe Creamer, Sugar Free, Vanilla Caramel
  6. Velveeta Shells and Cheese, Microwavable Cups, 8 pack

Suggestions you may also like:

  1. Audible – Free 30 day trial
  2. Compression socks – They work for me!
  3. Best Mom Ever Candle – Cuz Mom always deserves one
  4. Wooden Blank recipe Book – Because I think it is cool!


Again, thank you Tina for allowing me to make this list for you. If anyone would like me to find anything or would like a personalized list created for them, you can reach out to me through my website email: you can find me on:

  1. Facebook main page 
  2. Facebook group: Just Stay Mom     
  3. Pinterest

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