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 Wealthy Affiliate
 Starter Membership- Free, Premium Membership- $49/mo, Premium+ Membership- $99/mo
Kyle and Carson

Training Quality: 9/10
Research Tools:
Websites Included:
WordPress Hosting: Yes
Free Test Drive: YES, no credit card required  Click here to see for yourself!

Overall Rank: 9/10

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

Through my journey in Wealthy Affiliate, I have actually begun blogging my steps through the system: My WA Journal- The Startup. So, if anyone who wishes for view it from my perspective, they can see my experience more clearly as it grew alongside my daily rolling thoughts on the processes I experienced. Otherwise, here, I will be taking you through different breakdowns of the programs Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and finishing with my personal conclusion.

Training Quality

The program in Wealthy Affiliate seems to be very thourough so far, coming from someone trying affiliate marketing for the first time. There are different training classes to help begginners get started, whether they want to be an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate off the bat or already have a niche(s) and other affiliate programs in mind. It is flexible with your plans. You can even do both!

The Online Entrepreneur Program is the initial key they have to offer to get anyone rolling online rather you are a newbie or have some experience under your belt. This program of 5 courses (50 lessons) takes you step by step from helping you choose your niche to help you climb the ladder for long term success if that is your goal. Of course, anyone who wants to be successful at something new will need to be trained and anything out there that say “no training needed” can’t possibly be legit (my opinion). I have explored some of these offeres to see where it takes me and always felt sketched out. They always felt scammy. Rememeber, success still requires some work.

The Affiliate Bootcamp Program is the other beginning training course with 7 courses (70 lessons) and this is geared with a lot of the same knowledge, but with the purpose of training anyone who wants to begin as an affiliate marketer for Wealthy Affiliate. This is the program I personally decided to go with as a complete newb to everything.

Expert Classes. WealthyAffiliate offers expert classes as well. These are classes only available once you upgrade to the Premium or Premium+ memberships, but they offer ways for you to become experts in the differnt aspects of Affilaite Marketing. For example: Becoming an expert on Word Press, the engine used in Wealthy Affiliate to write the pages or blogs for posting. And copywriting is another. Upon side research, I found Copywriting to be in high demand and a good skill to have weather it would be for yourself, freelancing or getting hired full time.

Research Tools

Jaxxy– It’s main purpose is a keyword research program that helps research competitive keywords and phrases for online marketing. Other research opportunites include researching siterank under a particular keyowrd, exploring Alphabet Soup fof different variations of keyword research and tracking Niche trends.

Niche Finder– A tool that helps you break down one idea for a niche into more focused ideas. ex. Dancing can break down to breakdancing, ballroom dancing, etc. And from there, further breakdown.


Community Support: When there are questions, there is so much support and availability for responses. The Owner and Co-owner, Kyle and Carson, are always available for any questions or concerns. The community, over 2.7+ Million members help eachother and support each other constantly. To me, the community support counts as part of the training experience since it is so involved.


Starter Membership: This is the free test drive version anyone can sign up to, no card information required. Starter membership gives you access to the first 10 lessons of both the Online Entrepreneur Certification training course as well as the Affiliate Bootcamp training course. You also get immediate access to the community and even get to explore the Niche Finder Tool.

Premium Membership: $49/ mo. Once signed up, so much more is available. Complete access to the rest of the training courses for Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp. Also, you get access to anything you will need to create, manage and grow your online business(es). A stateof the art website and hosting platform, research/ writing tools, weekly classes, hundreds of community blog posts, networking capabilities with peers and perosnal mentoring. Access to WordPress and Jaaxy.

Premium+ Membership: $99/mo. This includes everything Premium Membership has to offer, but just a little more. Access to higher level hosting. Ability to host up tp 50 websites. Comparable Managed WordPress hosting packages cost $250+ themselves normally. Highest level pf Jaaxy Enterprise, normally $99/mo by its self. Access to 250+ expert classes per year.

For me, it definitily takes some time to research on what you are signing up for, but this all sounds pretty legit to me. The free test drive as a Starter Member is the real deal. I used this program to explore and help me decide if taking a dive was soemthing i wanted. I did not disappoint. I am now happy learning Premium Member!

In Conclusion

This platform is legitimate and worth anyones time to check out for free. Don’t even worry about the Premium and Premium+ memberships, as the Starter Membership itsself gets you setup with a website. The decision for continued learning and further access is not required for your success, it is merely an option.

=====> If your curious, click here for that free test drive!

Thanks for reading!

NicolleK, admin.

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