Affiliate Marketing- What Brought Me Here?

Hello, there. I am currently doing some self learning on Affiliate Marketing Moms and what we can do in this larger than ever internet world. It is so vast, we could do anything from shop, to read, travel, to work all online. Anything you can think of is found on the online world. And I believe getting into the affiliate network can get us moms some openings into it.

The Feeling of Failure to Making a Change

Many things have led to me reaching out to and searching the internet for other options. First, was my realization in my first years of momhood, I had gotten lost in my job. I was a workaholic to the point talking about it was a touchy subject, because I knew it needed to change and I didn’t know how. The topic would bring me to tears, yet I didn’t recognize what was wrong. My husband was stressed because I was stressed, which in turn stressed me out more. The kids needed more of me and I knew this, but my waking moments were getting ready for work, bringing them somewhere so I could work and coming home too exhausted for anything. The true wake up call was when all this pressure was adding on to the inability to both unable to fully commit at home and fully commit at work. Feelings of failure on both ends became too much and led to a demotion within my work. Of course this hurt and it took time to come from that, as work had been a place I had always been able to rely on before children and marriage.

Three years later from my demotion, I find myself in a better place and wanting more. “It can be better,” I tell myself. Less physical exhaustion from my away from home job? Yes! More time for camping? Yes! More cashflow for home improvements and even hobbies? Absolutely! I just needed to get the guts to try something new that I know nothing about. That’s when I came across becoming an affiliate marketer.

What Does an Affiliate Marketer Do?

An affiliate marketer shares and refers products businesses are trying to sell. They talk about the product on their own social media platforms like Pinterest, blogs, Facebook, TikTok or even a full website they have. Any social media platform works! When someone clicks on the link through your platform and make a purchase, then you get a commission of that sale. The commission amount varies based on the affiliate program you sign up for, but depending on what you choose to promote and how good at you are at promoting, being an affiliate marketer can be anywhere from a little side money to a your yearly income.

I personally found the idea of affiliate marketing through people promoting their content on Reels through Facebook. I know Facebook is old style, but still relevant. There are lots of people promoting products and websites on this platform. But I found a catch. Being able to Blog and draw people in, post on a website you own…. that’s not something we all have in our laps nor the knowledge on how to start. So, I found Wealthy Affiliate. A program for affiliate marketing beginners that can teach anyone out there what they need to know to be successful and it helps them get the tools. 

What Are My Goals?

  • Be patient and learn.

I’m thinking of this all as a college course. Maybe for someone else it might be just research or a little light reading. I read the reviews to Wealthy Affiliate that I googles and some personal success stories. I was happy with these and I signed up. Once in, I found Wealthy Affiliate had a plethora of knowledge to learn and help me get a feel for things before I took any large jumps. It even helped reading the Q & A’s from the ever growing and helpful community within it.

  • Set Goals:
    • I asked myself, if this takes me somewhere, what would I like to accomplish. Actually, this is something Wealthy Affiliate prompted, and this is what I answered:
      • How much money per month would you be happy earning? $6,000
      • How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle? $10,000
      • How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals? 15h
  • Learn What They Have To Offer
Wealthy Affiliate Logo

Wealthy Affiliate has a program that teaches you what you need to know step by step. They are very upfront and show you what they have to offer in terms of step by step classes from being a starter member (free) to more expanded classes that are available to members that would like to upgrade (absolutely optional). Don’t let it scare you. Being a starter member gets you plenty of knowledge and just taking the knowledge they have to offer as a starter member may be all you need. For myself, after a month of taking things in, I personally upgraded and am currently in my second phase of creating my own webpage and adding content to it. Things are basic now, but there is more to come as I learn more. 

====> If you are curious, just click this line to bring you to Wealthy Affiliate.

I have goals through Wealthy Affiliate that I plan to achieve. Please enjoy any other content I post and feel free to make comments. I am learning and will take any feedback. Thank you! 


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